Life First, Art Second.

THERE are plenty of great art agencies, but what sets us apart from the bunch is that IISHOO is part of a foundation and therefore able to provide commercial as well as free services. Also, although we take art seriously, we don’t take it too seriously. At least not until it’s ready to cure diseases. Our motto is: ‘life first, art second’. So if you are all snobbish and pretentious about art,  better not reach out to us. We’re probably not the right match. Now how do you like them apples?

The Services We Provide

Free services:

  • Art promotion for artists
  • Art advisory for artists and collectors
  • Art acquisition support for collectors

 Commercial services:

  • Consignment sales of artworks
  • Art sales for artists
  • Representation of artists and collectors
  • Organization and curation of public and corporate exhibitions
  • Artist scouting for commercial commissions