Who We Are and What We Do.

IISHOO is a creatively made up, Anglicized notation of the Chinese word Yìshù, which means ‘Art’ and is pronounced in English as ‘e-shoe’. Simarly sounding like ‘E-mail’ with a prolonged ‘e’ and ‘mail’ replaced by ‘shoe’. Phonetically written as ‘ee-shoo’.

WHAT we do doesn’t take much explaining. We. Love. Art. And it’s our mission to spread that love as much as possible. We genuinely put our heart into art.

DEFINING our business is a little harder. Although we can choose from an extensive skill set, our main purpose is to assist artists and art collectors alike and make them both equally happy and satisfied. Whether it be in sales, acquisition or promotion. Discretion guaranteed.

WE follow closely what’s trending in the art world. Nevertheless, fresh, promising, exciting contemporary artists, both known and anonymous, with a strong identity and a distinctive signature have our special interest. These are the ones we keep on our radar and actively promote to our clients.

TO us, finding and introducing new talent is what drives and motivates us. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the undiscovered hidden gems.